Toshiyuki Hiraoka
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Deadly Dares(Truth Or Dare 4)

The long awaited third sequel in the TRUTH OR DARE series finally arrives. Casey Miracle, Heather Price, Jessica Cameron, Shawn C. Phillips, Russ Croley, Claude Miles
A Tim Ritter Film

Deadly Dares Facebook Page

NEW film   Violent Blue

From the director of Mad Cowgirl comes a new study in obsession and madness. cast: Silvia Suvadova, Jesse Hulbik, Nik Mancuso, Barry O'Rourke, Andrea Harrison
Cinema Epoch
NEW film   Mad Cowgirl

Hiraoka wrote some songs for a Gregory Hatanaka's AWARD WINING movie which is a Narrative - Experimental - Art - Comedy - Horror - Tragedy - Kung Fu epic.
Cinema Epoch
NEW music   XPensive Dogs XPensive Dogs
"Dog Eat Dog" CD

finally this international project releases the new album with the greatest/worldclass guest musicians - Sammy Llanas from BoDeans, Greg Koch(Steve Vai's Guitar Nine records), Paul Cebar, Scott Finch, and Michael Hoffmann (EIEIO, Semi-Twang, Yipes, Marshall Crenshaw).
RockIt Records
NEW music   Dave-iD Busaras and Toshi Hiraoka Dave-iD Busaras and Toshi Hiraoka
"Bushy Luxury (The whole Story)" CD

European legend, VIRGIN PRUNES' Dave-iD collaborated with Hiraoka.
Imagine Dave-iD singing on Hiraoka music! GUGGI appears as guest, too.
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